Hydro Press Membrane Filter Press for Oil Fractionation (30 bar Membrane Filter Press)

4 Aug, 2023

At Hydro Press Industries, we take immense pride in our state-of-the-art Membrane Filter Press designed specifically for oil fractionation processes. With three decades of experience in the filtration industry, our expertise spans across various fields, including sewage, wastewater, chemicals, and, notably, the palm oil industry.

Revolutionizing Palm Oil Fractionation

In the Palm Oil Refinery and fractionation sector, our fully automated side bar-designed membrane filter presses play a crucial role in separating different types of Palm Stearin from Palm Olein during crystallized slurry palm oil fractionation processes. The applications of our innovative membrane filter press include:

7 Bar Membrane Filter Press

Ideal for second fractionation with normal Palm Olein with an Iodine value (IV) of 52-255, to Super Palm Olein with 57-61 using air squeezing. If required, the press can be adapted for liquid squeezing.

16 Bars Press

Used for First fractionation, from RBD palm Oil to Palm Olein with IV value of 52-55. This membrane filter press utilizing a liquid medium for squeezing.

30 Bars Press

Our flagship product, the 30 bars press, is designed to precisely separate crystallized Palm Kernel oil into Palm Kernel Olein and Palm Kernel Stearin.

The Hydro Press 30 bars membrane filter press is not limited to just Palm Kernel oil separation; it also excels in separating various crystallized palm oil into designated Palm Mid-fractions, tailored to meet specific technical specifications for specialized applications. Additionally, this press opens up numerous opportunities to produce products for a wide range of special applications.

Engineering Excellence and Expertise

Our membrane filter press is thoughtfully designed in India and ensuring optimal performance and extended operational life. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to meticulously select suitable Polypropylene membrane plates, manufactured by us for diverse process applications to achieve the desired end-products. We take pride in our bespoke operation software, developed by us with extensive practical experiences in operating membrane filter presses, ensuring exceptional cake dryness while safeguarding the membrane plates.

Leading Through Innovation

At Hydro Press Industries, we believe in continuous research & development, adopting cutting-edge Technology, and incorporating the latest design features in our presses. With our extensive expertise in liquid-solid separation knowledge and know-how, we provide not just a product, but also comprehensive solutions and benefits tailored to your specific oil fractionation needs.

Choose Hydro Press for Superior Oil Fractionation

For the most efficient and reliable oil fractionation processes, Hydro Press Membrane Filter Press stands as the perfect solution. With our focus on innovation, engineering excellence, and unparalleled expertise, we are your trusted partner in optimizing your palm oil fractionation operations. Reach out to our team today to explore how our membrane filter press can elevate your oil fractionation processes and achieve superior product quality.