As filter press manufacturers, our products have wide application in various industry sectors. The major sectors we cater to are:

Waste Water Treatment plants

Our filter presses find application in effluent treatments plans, municipal sewage works, industrial purification plants and industrial acid waste neutralisation.

Chemical Industries

Efficient and effective filtration is required in the chemical industry. Filter presses are used as part of the production process to filter pigments, dyes, catalysts, detergents, bio-fuels and other intermediate products.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Our water treatment systems are used to control waste water from industries, sewage odour control, BOD reduction, aeration, clarification and nitrogen removal.

Effluent Treatment Plants

In effluent treatment plants, automatic and fully automatic presses are used for liquid and chemical waste, soil decontamination, liquid electroplating waste and special waste incineration plants.

Tannery Industries

The tannery sector uses a lot of chemicals to obtain the end product. The chemicals are dissolved in water and sludge is created. The filter presses reduces the moisture content, volume and weight of the solid residue.

Textile Industries

The water waste from the textile industry contains contaminants such as dyes, surfactants and heavy metals. With the use of a filter press, the problem of sludge bed is eliminated and overflow is controlled.

Food Processing Industries

Filter presses are used to filter and purify finished products such as sugar, wine, beer, yeast for baking and brewing and pectin.

Iron Ore

Filter presses in the iron ore industry are used for mechanical dewatering of finest grain suspensions. It is used for filtration of slurries.

Mines & Minerals

In the mine & mineral industry, filtration process is carried out on coal, gravel quarries, ore extraction, lead, copper, zinc, tin, manganese, metal and other non-ferrous metals. It is also used on liquid electroplating waste and washer water from blast furnaces.


Ceramic slurry filtration is one of the long-term applications of filter presses. Nowadays the filter press is used mainly for the filtration of sludge from porcelain stoneware production purification plants. It is used to filter clay, quartz, iron oxides, and inorganic pigments.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Filter presses are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. It is mainly used to filter agar-agar, blood plasma, algae and other various intermediate pharmaceuticals.

Edible oil industries

Filter press machines and refinery machines are used as oil purifiers in the edible oil processing industry. It is used to refine rice bran oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, gingelly oil, and peanut oil.

China Clay Industries

In the China clay industries, various refinery machines are used. The common ones are paddle mixers, vertical blunger, ball mills and hydro cyclones.

Insulator Industries

In insulator plants, the use of water is crucial for vapour production. For this, water is purified from pollutants and suspended solids. The sludge created is dewatered with membrane filter presses.