Filter plates are manufactured in house by us. We use pure virgin polypropylene for our filter plate manufacturing. Below are the sizes available with us

We manufacture a wide range of filter plates in-house. We make use of high molecular polypropylene. Our filter plates are recognised for their excellent chemical resistance even at high temperatures, long working life, zero problems of leakage, crack and corrosion and enhanced filtration and washing efficiency.

470x470 mm 610x610 mm 800x800 mm
915x915mm 1000x1000 mm 1100x1100 mm
1200x1200 mm 1300x1300 mm 1500x1500 mm

Hydro Press Filter plates

  • In house manufacturing
  • 100 % virgin polypropylene filter plates
  • Excellent quality, High machining accuracy and good finishing
  • Extended life
  • Available in wide range of sizes and configuration
  • Plates available with design pressure ranging from 4 bar up to 30 bar pressure
  • Discharge : Open and closed discharge
  • Feed : Centre feeding , Top / bottom Corner feeding, Top Centre
  • Provision : Cake airing / Cake washing
  • High temperature plates available which can withstand up to 120 deg
  • Caulked Gasket Recessed (CGR) plates available for zero leakage conditions
  • Membrane plates are available for application requiring lesser cake moisture
  • Phosphor bronze plates available for Gelatine application
  • Square and round shape filter plates available
  • Cast iron plates available for high temperature applications


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